No Perfect Parent

I admit, I had to look up who Edwin Bliss was.  (He was a broadcaster, journalist, and news editor.  If you would like to learn more please check it out and let us know in the comments below. :)) Anyway, his quote is right on for parenting. As a marriage and family therapist who has dedicated her life to helping families, I can verify, there is no greater recipe for misery than the ultimate pursuit of perfection.

Perfectionists are hard to live with.  Not only are they hard on themselves, they are hard on you!  Their standards are ever elevating and a perfectionist parent could find their standards in a particular state of confusion in today's world.  Are we classical or free flowing?  Do we sell our souls and childhood in pursuit of academic excellence? Or, do we dedicate our hearts to developing empathy and emotional intelligence?

I do not have the answer for parents.  The culture is continually rewriting the standard.  Parents must author their own destinies- and even then, their is always the wild card of the will and temperament of the child. 

Nonetheless, there is tradition and a community within which most of us must thrive.  There is also behavioral science which has adapted and grown to redefine normal and offers methodology to improve the way we live and relate. 

I hope you will spend some time here learning, sharing, and supporting as we master parenting.