Give your child a vision of who he COULD be

Remaining calm typically comes from having a familiar strategy or having a vision. Having a parenting vision and the tools to achieve that vision makes your family life calmer. Giving your child a vision helps them become better, calmer, and more reasonable in times of stress. In fact, vision makes all the difference in the world. In the Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting approach, Descriptive Praise is the most effective motivator we know.

Catch your child doing it right to help him create a different view of himself

Catch your child doing it right to help him create a different view of himself

To motivate him, CATCH your child, with Descriptive Praise, when he gets it right, because Descriptive Praise means noticing and mentioning everything your child does that is right, even if the behavior is only heading in the right direction. In fact, a running commentary of everything they do that is just “okay” can make all the difference in the world. Why?

We use Descriptive Praise for any behavioral problem, including biting. Reminding, nagging, and harping aren’t working; it just gives the biting more attention and does not teach the child what he should be doing. Secondly, we need to understand that learning to behave properly is a long process, so if we Descriptively Praise little steps in the right direction – for example saying “You didn’t bite!” – more incidents of no biting will follow.

Ask any child: lots of positive compliments said by a smiling parent that likes you goes so much further than a parent who nags, yells or repeats. After all, having a plan and a vision for your family life is crucial during times of stress and the calm results in a happier home life. Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting – it is a lifestyle – and there IS hope – click here to register for an upcoming coaching class. Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting in Williamsburg has a session on Descriptive Praise coming up on July 24th.

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LMFT, NCC Marriage & Family Therapist and Professional Counselor 757-903-2406

Amanda draws upon formal counseling theory and education, on the job training and personal life experience.  She is skilled in structural family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and Christian counseling. After earning her graduate degree from The College of William & Mary, she sought out the London-based creator of the parenting program, Noël Janis-Norton, to be personally trained by her. She used the Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting methods in her own home for over 15 years – and parent after parent that she has worked with say the methods changed their lives. These methods WORK!

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