What will HELP a child’s temper tantrum

When your child is having a bad temper tantrum, it isn’t convenient. Likely you have missed dinner, a nap, downtime, etc. And…you are public. Like a bad dream, the meltdown begins, loudly and in front of clients, diners, or the checkout line. A temper tantrum is most likely resulting from a physical need not being met (food, sleep, being carried) and not getting her way. This flood of bad feelings will extinguish more quickly if you Reflectively Listen and try to understand what she is feeling. Here are some tips:


Reflective Listening

  • Tell her what you think she might be feeling
  • Ask if there is more
  • Stay positive and gentle
  • Stay in charge
  • Make sure she cannot hurt you or others
  • Tell her that you are right here, if she needs a hug
  • If she won’t accept a hug, stay close
  • Talk or murmur sweet nothings – she needs to hear your calm voice

The calm after the storm will be worth it. She’ll sleep good tonight (and she may be in a great mood, when it is all said and done). One last bit of advice: Don’t give in, even after she has calmed herself. Good luck – and tell me how it goes, in the comments.


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