Put on your own oxygen mask, first!

You are quite overwhelmed at work, recently. You find yourself working late and rushing into your evening. You get home, stressed and disconnected – throwing yourself into night-time routines. Your 5-year old becomes very disruptive at the table and hits his brother on the way to the bath – he runs away when you try to intervene. You might think, at first glance, that a Time Out and a Reward/Consequence Chart may be in order.

Self Care - not an option. MasterParenting.com

Let’s talk about another option because your child is a sponge to your energy – good or bad. Taking a deep breath, going to your child and saying, calmly, that he needs to take a couple of deeps breaths to regulate his emotions and remind him that this family uses gentle hands. Then, tomorrow, you get home earlier, connect and regulate with your spouse and your children before you start dinner.

“In the event of pressure loss in the cabin, oxygen masks will deploy from the ceiling above you… please safely secure your own mask before attempting to assist others…”

You can’t be expected to effectively help others if you don’t, first, help yourself. Stop “fixing” your child’s misbehavior and take care of yourself, first. Then, some of that misbehavior may miraculously fall away. 

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