Is your difficult child burning you out?

If your child has serious behavioral problems,  take heart. You can start making changes in the way that you deal with your child, that will have an effect – TODAY.  You’re not alone.  Master Parenting is here to coach you, by phone, in person, in a small group, at a seminar – and we can do this today! Set up coaching, here

How to forgive yourself after you have lost your cool with the kids

…unfortunately, while you are changing your response and while your child is changing his behavior, you may feel mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. That’s why it’s a necessity — not a luxury — to spend some time taking care of yourself so that you can recharge and feel empowered to continue to support and care for your child.

  • Taking care of yourself isn’t frivolous. You have to take care of yourself, first,  so that you can be fully present and patient, for your difficult child.
  • Take breaks – regularly schedule time away from your child. Nap, read, have coffee with a friend — whatever allows you to relax.
  • Eat right and exercise. Even 10 minutes of exercise a day can help relieve anxiety and help you feel calmer and more able to cope.
  • Be aware of the signs of “burnout.” Caregiver or parent burnout is a true state of exhaustion, both physical and emotional. It tends to happen when caregivers try to “do it all” without getting the help or rest they need. You operate on autopilot, often, and you may not be quick to recognize burnout. So, when someone suggests to you that you need a rest, listen. Watch for changes in appetite and sleep patterns, withdrawal from social activities, increased anxiety, or emotions that are either heightened (such as crying or irritability or feeling empty).
  • Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY – call on Master Parenting – positive parenting techniques is only a Contact Us form away.

If you feel like you may be experiencing burnout, depression, or anxiety, from parenting a difficult child, let’s talk. We serve burnt out parents from all over the world – we can help you, too!

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