Amanda is a popular and powerful speaker.

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Amanda is an experienced presenter on life altering topics such as Sex & Relationships, "Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting," Mindful Meditation, Motivation, and other behavior related subjects.

Praise for Amanda’s parenting presentations.

"The 'Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting' seminar at James River Elementary School was very well received. Everyone was able to walk away with concrete parenting tools to put into immediate action. Amanda's presentation was both professional and humorous. It was easy to understand how to incorporate the concepts from all levels of parenting styles. I highly recommend attending any of her seminars and suggest that ALL parents and teachers would benefit tremendously from the power-packed content of the variety of parenting subjects available from her."

Jennifer Metcalf
2010-2011 PTA President, James River Elementary

"I invited Ms. Deverich to participate as a breakout session speaker for Poquoson City School's 'Parenting in the 21st Century Workshop.' I received outstanding feedback from the parents... Those in attendance described Ms. Deverich as an engaging and informative presenter that provided ready to use parenting tools. I was particularly impressed by her professionalism..."

Amanda Goyne, Poquoson
Middle School Counselor

A gifted and talented teacher.

Amanda particularly enjoys leading groups and getting to know the participants.

From anonymous student exit surveys:

"Amanda is a great teacher. Her sense of humor and her class encouragement are greatly appreciated. This was a fun learning experience and I am encouraged to take more classes."

"Amanda was a wonderful teacher. She is very well qualified and knowledgeable about the content of the course and related information. She was very skilled in letting discussions wander and inclusive of others and their opinions, yet she could refocus the discussion if it was headed down a rabbit trail."