If you are struggling with resistant, whining or unmotivated children, you do not have time to waste. Parents want their children to succeed, but often are frustrated by a lack of cooperation in the day to day tasks such as chores, manners, self-care, transitions, and homework. Parents need practical solutions to increase motivation, cooperation, self-discipline, and confidence in their children. If what you are doing isn't working, it is time to learn the five Calmer, Easier, Happier parenting skills. Register below right now for our upcoming mini-course where you will learn exactly how to apply the five skills in rapid succession and begin to apply the strategies right away. You will be amazed how fast these powerful, positive, simple, common sense (yet counter-habitual!) techniques can be.

Don't worry if the kiddos interrupt or if you miss a call. Sessions will be recorded and posted so you can catch up. Also, with the closed online community you can compare notes!

Mini-course: All Five Skills

Five sessions covering each of the skills and five downloadable guide books to help you remember, apply, and get the most out of the material.

Closed online community for support and brainstorming

Two LIVE coaching calls: We will connect via teleconference as a group once midway through the course to check in on specific problems and one at the end to ensure understanding and effective application of the skills. Get your questions answered.  

cost $299  Welcome the New Year special $197*

Mini-course: All Five Skills POWER UP

Mini course as listed above

PLUS: Two thirty minute private coaching calls with Amanda, plus written detailed, tailored plan to address your particular challenge.
cost $399 Welcome the New Year special $299*

*Cost will go up Janury 10, 2015

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Descriptive Praise

Descriptive Praise is the #1 motivator of children.

Sunday January 11, 2015
8:30 pm ET, 7:30 CT, 5:30 PT

Preparing for Success

Preparing for Success reveals simple strategies that prevent behavior problems.

Sunday January 18, 2015
8:30 pm ET, 7:30 CT, 5:30 PT

Reflective Listening

Reflective Listening is the best way to reduce whining, anger, and frustration.

Sunday January 25, 2015
8:30 pm ET, 7:30 CT, 5:30 PT

The Never Ask Twice Method

The Never Ask Twice Method is six steps to get cooperation the first time you ask.

Sunday February 1, 2015
8:30 pm ET, 7:30 CT, 5:30 PT

Rewards & Consequences that Work

Rewards and consequences are follow through to maximize cooperation.

Sunday February 8, 2015
8:30 pm ET, 7:30 CT, 5:30 PT