The MasterParenting 5 Day Micro Intensive is a focused effort designed to help parents quickly learn proven parenting strategies that work with their child. No two children are the same. What works with one, may not work with another. Parents need fresh ideas and support in implementing new techniques.

In this program, each morning you will receive a short educational video on evidence based parenting strategies for you to try. Included is a downloadable .pdf with the information and a practice challenge for you to complete that day. By the end of the day, you are encouraged to post your progress or concerns in the private forum. You will receive support from your cohort and professional feedback from Amanda Deverich, LMFT, on your efforts.


MasterParenting is offering a special discount on its 5 Day Mico Intensive program in an effort to support parents now at home in an intensified, quarantine situation,

Next session starts: April 27th.

How it works:

  1. Each morning you will receive a motivational email with instructional video. In the video you will be taught MasterParenting strategies and techniques that you may choose from to practice with your children that day.
  2. Throughout the day you will practice the new strategy.
  3. By the end of the day, you will evaluate your efforts using the MasterParenting Z.O.N.E. process and share them with Amanda and your MasterParenting partners.
  4. Amanda will provide feedback on your posted efforts within 24hrs.


In addition to the above structured 5 Day Micro Intensive support, there will be two opportunities to attend a live online partnership session with Amanda. Amanda will answer as many specific questions as possible within the one hour allotted time. There will be a mid-week partnership session of the MasterParenting cohort on Wednedsay at 12pm EST and wrap on Friday at 12pm EST.


Cost for 5 days of intensive MasterParenting support is usually $149. However, in light of the psychological and economic challenges families are facing, MasterParenting is offering a discounted rate of $79 for five straight days of inspiration, information, and personalized support. You will receive evidence based strategies, accountability to follow through on your new knowledge, and support and feedback to continue your success in MasterParenting.

This low price will not continue. Space is limited. This offer is a unique effort to support parents in this time of quarantine. If you could use some inspiration, information, and encouragement in being a better parent, sign up now!